"Stars we were and stars we will be."

"Stars We Were And Stars We Will Be.
Circling Through Eternity.
Stars We Are And Stars We Remain.
Walking On This Earthly Plane."


Despite the dreary weather today, the light improved and I managed to squeeze in a few shots of Szabina, another close friend, who I will have another photoshooting session with over the weekend.

Réka and Krissz

Last time I worked with a wonderful couple, close friends of mine, in Hungary. This work was wonderful because they have lots of great energy and they just shine in the Sun. Love is a beautiful thing, so you know guys: "All you need is love."


Beauty in the Dark series

Model: Lucy Melocco-Imre

Project Beauty in the Dark

The first series from the Beauty in the Dark project.

Model: Lucy Melocco-Imre

Jǫrmungandr's waking

Safari park 2013.



"Bird is come, Bird is welcome,
Welcome bird, Oh bird is Come."

A panorama photo from the Hungarian Great Plains.

Lowtown curch 2012.

Through windows

Eternally Blossoming

Bright Sun, Dark Death